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Chilean Road Trip: Valparaíso to Isla Negra

During our recent trip to Chile, we rented a car and drove from Valparaíso to Isla Negra, one of Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s three spectacular homes. Along Chile’s Route 88, we enjoyed the aroma of a eucalyptus forest,… Continue Reading →

Tango in Buenos Aires

In Seville, Spain, you’ll want to catch a Flamenco show; in Salvador, Brazil, you’ll want to see them dance Kapoera; and in Buenos Aires, you will definitely want to go to Cafe Tortoni to see Tango. Cafe Tortoni has been… Continue Reading →

School Luis Mena in Antigua, Guatemala

“…part of the outdoor recreation area is considered legally protected…” The number one rated attraction in Antigua, Guatemala is Casa Santo Domingo, a convent-turned-hotel-tourist hotspot. Casa Santo Domingo deserves its ranking, but as educators, we were delighted to find Escuela… Continue Reading →

Hidden Treasures of Michoacan

“…he gave us an extensive two-day tour of Michoacán.” Michoacán, a state in western Mexico, has long been dominated by drug cartels. In 2013 citizen vigilantes chased out the Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) drug cartel, but La Nueva Familia has… Continue Reading →

Concha y Toro: Vineyard Tour in Chile

“A vineyard tour during your visit to Chile is both entertaining and educational.” Concha y Toro vineyard was founded in 1883 and is now Latin America’s leading producer of wine. The vineyard’s tours are both entertaining and educational. The tour… Continue Reading →

Tequila Tour Day Trip from Guadalajara, Mexico

The tourism industry has exploded with creativity and business acumen as the direct contribution from tourists has topped $2 trillion. Our Tequila Tour in Jalisco, Mexico, is part of that! Many operators are offering these tours. Ours was run by… Continue Reading →

The Paraderos In Venezuela

Paraderos are small roadside stands on the shoulders of the small two-lane highways in Venezuela. The owners sell their artisan crafts and food. We stop to stretch our legs during a long drive and also to take a look around,… Continue Reading →

Caravan Tours: Unbeatable Value!

“There’s no way, with all the known and little known travel tips you will gather in your life, that you can match the high-volume discounts that Caravan receives.” When I showed Dan the small Caravan Tours ad in Real Simple… Continue Reading →

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