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Two Credit Cards Tips To Save You Money While Traveling

When the cashier at El Corte Inglés (A department store chain in Madrid) asked if we wanted to pay in divisas, it was like she was speaking a foreign language. And just so you know, we speak perfect Spanish.

Divisas, she explained, meant we could pay in dollars instead of euros. We had a decision to make on the spot.

Know these two things before you depart on your trip:

  1. Divisas, or dynamic currency conversion, offered by the merchant is always worse than the one you’ll get from your credit card. Tell them no and pay in the local currency;
  2. What are your credit card’s foreign transaction fees? This can range from 0%-3%. Check NerdWallet.com for a list of credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.

So what did we decide that day at El Corte Inglés? We paid in dollars 😖

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