Are you sure you want to stay at an AirBnB?

The stories will make you gasp and promise to never be an Airbnb guest again.

We’ve stayed at AirBnBs and they’ve been pretty much in line with the descriptions and the reviews. But was it luck?

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Type into your phone’s browser, tap Guest Stories and read through the list of the 25 most recent posts by unsatisfied AirBnB guests.

Have you thought about being a host to earn some extra money? The website’s menu also includes Host Stories that will terrify you.

”But what about the reviews? Aren’t they trustworthy? I thought the host and the guest rating each other was a brilliant system…”

AirBnB’s review process is smart. Both the guest and the host have 14 days to review each other. Neither can see the other’s review until both reviews have been submitted. The problem is, if a guest is very honest, she may not find many AirBnB hosts willing to accept her in the future.

AirBnB encourages the guest to separate the criticism from the review, and leave the criticism private for the host. This means that real ratings can be hard to trust.

Nobody knows how many dissatisfied AirBnB guests and hosts there are. Thousands of complaints could mean a tiny percent of users’ experiences.

It comes down to how much risk you are willing to take for cheaper accommodations? So if you’re okay with some risk, at least read up to learn some warning signs of untrustworthy AirBnB hosts and potential scams.

2 thoughts on “Are you sure you want to stay at an AirBnB?”

  1. Yes, we’ve never had much of a problem except a few uncomfortable beds and AirBnB can have a lot of amazing benefits, like a kitchen and a neighborhood that’s not so touristy, so we and everyone else will keep using the service.

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