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WiFi On The Road Can Be Too Slow! You Need Something Faster

Nobody likes slow wifi, but if you teach English through Skype or Google Hangouts while you travel, you require a high speed connection. Slow wifi can mean a loss of income. Here’s what you can do.

With the right adapter (or adapter), you can connect your device to a wired ethernet connection?

Ethernet looks like a wide phone connector and, believe it or not, you can plug it into your iPhone or Android, iPad or Chromebook.

There are a few extra things you will have to pack.

For iPhones and iPads: (Cost: approx. $70)


  1. A Lightning-to-USB dongle;
  2. A USB-to-ethernet dongle;
  3. An ethernet cable;
  4. A long Lightning cable.

For Chromebooks (Cost: approx. $25)


  1. A USB-to-ethernet dongle;
  2. An ethernet cable.

For Android Phones (Requirements: Marshmallow system, released in October 2015; Cost: approx. $20)


  1. An OTG-to-Ethernet Adapter (OTG stands for On The Go);
  2. An ethernet cable.

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