Here Is Why I Love Instagram 😍👍 … And Why I Hate It: 😫💦

I’ve ended up with more Instagram followers than I ever expected but the numbers aren’t satisfying. Remember the Instagram rule: Like4Like, Follow4Follow. So I spend a lot of the day tapping ❤️s  and following back. So what’s to love about it?

Why I Love Instagram 😍👍

👍 Comments Are Fun

There are many people with creative and beautiful galleries. I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good photograph, but my favorite part is commenting on posts and receiving comments on mine. Commenting, to me, means a break from tapping ❤️s.

👍  Instagram Is Full Of Interesting People

I interact with good, creative people from all over the world: travelers, nature and animal lovers, fashion-minded souls and philosophers.

👍 Instagram Is A Great Traveller’s Aide

When I started on Instagram, I was planning a trip to Istanbul so now Turkey is one of the countries where I have the most Insta-friends. Once you start hooking up with people from one place, it’s a cascading line of dominoes from there. I learned a lot about the people, the food and the culture before the trip.

👍 Instagram Lets You Share Experiences

Traveling to Greece and Turkey this past summer with a couple of thousand of my Insta-friends was a lot of fun. I think that shared experience is what most of us want from Instagram. I’ve also enjoyed following my Insta-friends’ on their trips and sharing their exciting experiences. One of my very good Insta-friends is in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala right now, celebrating her birthday!

Why I Hate Instagram 😫💦

👎  Too Many Photos!

I do not like missing my Insta-friends photos. I tap through so many in a day so why do I sometimes see one of my best Insta-friends photos two days late? Why doesn’t Instagram send these through my stream repeatedly so I can see them?

👎 What Does A Like Mean, Anyway?

So if it’s Like4Like, what do my 1,400 ❤️s on a photo mean, anyway? That I tapped enough ❤️s to get them in return? Good comments and connecting with people is so much better.

👎 Follow-Unfollows

We all hate this. When an adolescent direct messaged me to promote him in a post, I noticed  he had over two thousand followers and was only following 800. He confessed that he follows and unfollows people. So as a grown-up, I’m glad that ratio isn’t important to me.

👎 Getting Blocked From Liking

Being blocked twice means I know how frustrating it is, but Instagram was right. I confess that I wasn’t enjoying the photos those days. I just wanted my Like4Likes 😞. Instagram keeps outside algorithms from gaming the system and, although they are still able to game it, they have to obey human speed limits. Imagine how many Like4Likes I’d get if I could tap ❤️ on 50,000 photos an hour!

👍 Conclusion

So thank you, Instagram, for your free, wonderful (sometimes flawed) service. You’ve given me a lot of enjoyment, insight into new cultures, and connections with people all over the world.

So do you love Instagram or not so much? Do you want to know how to use it better? Let me know in the comments…

12 thoughts on “Here Is Why I Love Instagram 😍👍 … And Why I Hate It: 😫💦”

    1. Thank you, Jane. I just looked quickly at your website and your photos are stunning. I can’t wait to see more of your site and check out your Instagram gallery later after work 🤗😘

  1. Great advice! I probably don’t use Instagram as often as I should, but I’m in time crunch, too! I love photography so I post on IG which shares to Facebook. You used to able to promote your blog with the URL in the IG post, but now that has changed. Following now and wow! you have a boatload of followers!

    1. Thanks, Terri, but like I said above, the number of followers and likes doesn’t mean much more than bragging rights. I enjoy the people I connect with through the comments.

      Your gallery looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing more photos 👍

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I do wonder, why people follow to unfollow. Instagram is aa community of photographers where I can select from and see the beauty of our world. Plus, I love to share my photos and keep in touch with my few friends I’ve made across the world. It’s how we fellowship with one another and send encouraging messages of friendship. I try not to, but I do, look at how the number of followers fluctuate. I only have less than 600. But who’s counting. I’m still going to post pictures until Instagram doesn’t exist.

    1. Your number doesn’t matter, just your connections. Maybe I’ll see you on Instagram sometime. I didn’t see a link from your website, though.

  3. I totally agree with your likes and dislikes about IG. I’ve stopped caring about numbers and feeling like I have to spend time each day on it. It is SO TIME CONSUMING! When we were in Peru, I didn’t go on at all for two weeks and people unfollowed me in droves. Whatever. It’s the real connections I’ve made with people, like you, that matter to me. <3

    1. I understand, even though I don’t own a computer. I’m not sure why they don’t make it easier to do Instagram on one.

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