Have You Ever Stayed At A Boutique Hotel? I Have (I Think… )

My Insta-friend Carlie (www.acajunincali.com | Instagram: @acajunincali) posted a photo of a boutique hotel that she liked a lot, and asked if any of us had ever stayed at one. I wasn’t exactly sure what was the difference between a boutique hotel and a hotel, but I still told her that we stayed in a budget boutique hotel in Paris.

Maybe I should have Googled it first because Tripsavvy.com asked that same question: What are boutique hotels?

“A Boutique Hotel Is Intimate in Size and Feeling…but Has a Big Personality”

Idol Hotel has a handful of rooms on each floor and just five floors. The elevator is so small that we had to make several trips to get all of our luggage to our room. The “big personality” is the decor, which you’ll read about below.

“A Boutique Hotel Is an Independent Hotel (or Feels Like One)…or It’s the Boutique Brand of a Bigger Hotel Label…or It’s the Boutique Wing of a Big Hotel”

This hotel has a non-chain name. We’ve never seen listings for another hotel with a similar name.

“A Boutique Hotel Has a Contemporary Vibe & Spirited Guests to Match…A boutique Hotel strives to be one-of-a-kind, and has an independent attitude. Its clientele is individualistic, too.”

The look puts you in a good mood the moment you enter. The clientele were just normal travelers, like us, though.

“A Boutique Hotel Has Modern or Designer Decor with a Quirky Touch”

It’s groovy 1960s decor (and funky posters of James Brown), certainly fits the class description. It’s memorabilia of the era was done by an aficionado with a talent for design.

“A Boutique Hotel Is Rich in Local Flavor…A Good Boutique Hotel Reminds You of Where You Are”

This was in a mainly residential neighborhood. We had a small supermakert down the block; a lot of locals hung out at the popular crepe place around the corner; people coming home from work with their baguettes stopped to talk with their neighbors before going upstairs.

The small stairway up to the rooms with its 90-degree turns, and the tiny elevator built to fit in the middle.

The patio in back has tables where clients can eat, have a drink or smoke.

“A Boutique Hotel Offers Ultra-Personal Service”

We got to know the reception and breakfast staff by name and we had conversations with all of them every day.

“A Boutique Hotel Focuses on F&B (Food & Beverage)”

The breakfast was pretty good but typical, except for the excellent croissants.

“A Boutique Hotel is Often Furry, Furry Pet-Friendly”

I don’t know and the website doesn’t say.

“So I think we can say we’ve stayed at a boutique hotel.”

We didn’t like the decor enough to actually take a photo, and there were always smokers in the outside patio. Take a look at the hotel’s own photos: https://www.idolhotel-paris.com/en/ They show it off just the way we remember it.

If you are looking for a review of a boutique hotel in Paris:

😊👍 We enjoyed the staff of young Parisians who were happy to talk to us;

😊👍 We loved the residential neighborhood. In the photo above, I’m sitting in our rental car, right in front of the hotel;

😊👍 The metro stop is just a five-minute walk;

😊👍 We liked that it was very quiet at all hours;

😊👍 We appreciated how clean the room and the lobby were;

😖👎 Your luggage may not all fit in the tiny elevator and you may have to make more than one trip. We didn’t mind this.

Have you ever stayed at a boutique hotel?

Let me know in the comments.

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