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Best Tours in Guadalajara: The Tequila Trail

The tourism industry has become very creative in this explosion of tourism over the past ten years. It’s hard to believe that the tourism industry recently topped $2 trillion! Our Tequila Tour in Jalisco, Mexico, is part of that explosion of creativity!

Many operators are offering these tours. Ours was run by a father and son who gave lively narration on the way. Our only complaint was the uncomfortable micro bus ride.

From a walk through the blue agave fields all the way through the factory, you learn about the entire process of making tequila, and then quickly forget it all as the tastings begin! 😆😜

This is how strong the tequila is 😬
This is how strong the tequila is 😬

The tour costs $110 and includes a decent lunch and a final destination of the town of Tequila, where the time is yours to do what you like.

We had time to visit the Jose Cuervo hacienda and then explore the quaint town.

There are several tour operators offering similar tequila tours. Ours was this one:

👍 We are not drinkers, just on occasion, but we highly recommend this tour!

2 thoughts on “Best Tours in Guadalajara: The Tequila Trail Leave a comment

  1. Ok, I on the other hand am a drinker and wouldn’t mind joining this tour.
    I’m not much of a tequila lover, but Mexico ….aaaaaaaaa, now we’re talking.
    If you think tequila is strong, then you have probably never tried Serbian plum brandy, the so-called slivovitz (sljivovica). Cheers.

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  2. I think I would lose consciousness just smelling slivovitz 😆 The tour was a huge amount of fun and we got friendly with everyone.

    Thanks for visiting. I was really enjoying your blog at lunch today. You have a wonderful writing style.


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