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Tango In Buenos Aires

In Seville, Spain, you’ll want to catch a Flamenco show; in Salvador, Brazil, you’ll want to see them dance Kapoera; and in Buenos Aires, you will definitely want to go to Cafe Tortoni to see Tango.

Cafe Tortoni has been a popular spot since the mid-19th century, visited by the very famous, including Albert Einstein, Federico Garcia Lorca, Robert Duvall and Hillary Clinton. UCityGuides ranks Cafe Tortoni as one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world!



The show at Cafe Tortoni, features highly talented singers, musicians and dancers. It takes you from the early days of tango, when it was considered a vulgar dance of brothels, through its transformation to the beautiful dance we know of today. President Obama danced tango in his trip to Argentina.

Cafe Tortoni’s tango show will leave you wanting more. Maybe you’ll catch a street tango performance, like we did:

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  1. I love tango music and tango dancing. We used to export artisanal furniture from Buenos Aires to the U.S. and so had the pleasure of witnessing and enjoying both many times, over many trips. Then I tried tango dancing and absolutely loved it. Have not had another opportunity but I do look forward to the next time.

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    • I share your love of tango dancing and also your love of being open to try new things in life. That’s really why I love traveling. Thanks for visiting, Peta


  2. I’ve experienced it once and loved it, but here’s what happened: My partner says get dressed really nice I have a surprise. So I wore a long evening dress with a slit up half-thigh (not knowing I was going to a tango lesson). We proceed to dance, it’s all beginners; everything’s going well. Then the young good looking teacher says to my dance partner, pull her in closer-tango is a dance of lovers. Well, since my partner had a belly of a 8-month pregnant woman, we both lost it and to had to pull ourselves to the side-out of the circle, so we could laugh til we cried and not interrupt the flow of the lesson. It was a fun night! The teacher told me I had a nice “frame” when he and I danced, but I wasn’t sure what he meant at the time; I do now.

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