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Instagram Is An Amazing Community Of People

Instagram is an amazing community where you can learn a surprisingly lot about people through their short captions and comments. Then there are times you can learn even more, like when my beautiful Insta-friend @monicaspassport listed 10 fun facts about herself and then tagged me to do the same!

Here are my 10, the more in-depth version than I was able to put on Instagram:

😆 How do you pronounce my name???

Aixa is three syllables: ai-EEK-sa

My name is a spelling variant of Aisha, the first wife of the prophet Mohammad. My mom didn’t know this when she named me, but she had read the name in a book and she liked it.

😱 I have been bitten twice by scorpions.

The first time, I was 14 years old and was asleep in bed. It hurt but, before I could even think of taking care of this, I turned on the lights, woke up my sisters and we spent an hour hunting it so it wouldn’t bite any of us again. We found it and put it in a matchbox.

The second time, I was ironing clothing. When I put my arm in the pant leg to pull it inside-out, I knew right away I was in trouble! I pulled my arm out as fast as I could but too late! The scorpion went flying and I was never able to find it.

😮 I learned to drive when I was 13 years old.

My friend’s father taught us, and then I usually had to drive to pick him up when he was drunk.

😆 I can imitate most Spanish accents, including a few from Spain and a lot of Latin American accents.

😆 I love visiting different supermarkets.

Even when we’re traveling, we make sure to stop at any supermarkets we find. Going to a supermarket for me is like other people going to the movies.

😮 When I was 17, I met a numerologist I met at a friend’s house when I went to pick her up.

The numerologist asked me to empty the contents of my bag and then told me a lot of things about myself that she would have had no way of knowing.

Then she told me that one day I would cross earth and sea to meet the man of my life. I never thought about that one again until I left Venezuela for the United States and met him 😍

She also said that I met her and we were delayed from going out that night for a reason. When we finally left, we saw that there had been a bad car accident a little earlier crossing Avenida de Pozuelos.

😍 If I love you, I will defend you from anything 😖 but if you betray me, I will never forget… ever!

😋 I will eat anything, even insects! I ate them in Puebla, Mexico.

😱 There is only one thing I am afraid of…

…frogs. When I lived in the wilds of Venezuela, I would find them everywhere, including the kitchen and the toilet.

😉 My Instagram profile picture was a selfie my husband took in our rental car in Paris!

Are you on Instagram? Join our community. Finding friends on Instagram is simple. I’ll write a post about how to do it very soon.

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    • Thanks for reading, Terri. Instagram updated their commenting system a couple of months ago so the replies appear right below the comment now, and indented. Also, when you tap a comment in your Activity window, it takes you right to the comment.

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