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How To Best Experience The Awe-Inspiring Meteora

Athens is always the first stop in Greece before heading to the gorgeous Greek islands. We headed inland by train instead, to Meteora, one of the most awe-inspiring spots you will ever see.

Our hotel was about 10 minutes outside of Kalambaka, the small town at the base of the mountains.


Each room has a view of the stunning rocks, but none as spectacular as the one from the restaurant and pool area, where lunch for two cost just 32 Euros.

Sunset Tour

The hotel reception suggested a taxi tour as an alternative to the 42 Euro per person sunset tour advertised in the pamphlet on the counter. This would come out to less, and our driver would know the best places to catch the stunning sunset.

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11 thoughts on “How To Best Experience The Awe-Inspiring Meteora Leave a comment

  1. No kidding? You’re in Greece now? OK, so now I OFFICIALLY hate you. We’re no longer friends.
    AAAAAAAAAAA, I wanna be there too.
    I love Greece. I go there every single year. And yes, Athens is always the first stop. I just love it. I could live there.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Meteora yet. It’s never really on my way. I’ll have to plan better next time. How much did it take you from Athens?
    What are the temperatures like now? I see you’re very lightly dressed.

    Just for the record, 30EUR is a lot for a lunch in Greece.

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    • No, this was back in July. I posted it today to correspond to my Instagram photo, where a lot of people post older photos on Fridays. The temperature was very comfortable, not like Athens, which was unbearable during the day. We got there by train and it took about 5 hours.

      I didn’t think the 30EUR lunch was so expensive for a hotel, but the prices were much lower in the town, though. We ate dinner in town the following day.

      Meteora is a place you definitely have to find time for. We went to Greece for Meteora because my husband read about it on TripAdvisor. It definitely lived up to expectations.

      Liked by 1 person

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