Sunday Stills: Recreation

Welcome back to Terri’s Sunday Stills photo challenge. This week the challenge prompt is recreation. I love a photo challenge because they stretch my photography skills and my story-telling skills, too. Click the link below to see how others interpreted the prompt.We would love to see what you come up with, too, so add your link to the challenge.

Ironically the recreation theme came on a week that I didn’t have any.

Sunday was a day of errands. We had six straight days of rain and Coco didn’t get to go out much, so we didn’t want to leave him home alone on the day it stopped.

Our first stop was Home Depot. Coco was excited by all of the people in the store. Some stopped to pet him.


Next, we went to a little market called Raspberry Farm. They sell regular food items and gourmet products from all over the world, but at affordable prices. I bought two baguettes they sell that are from an artisan bakery in Brooklyn, prosciutto, and Coppa dolce (a dried salame) to make the sandwiches [bottom of the post], which also have dried tomato paste, Balsamic vinegar and Kalamata olive paste.


I was only in the market for 10 minutes, and my husband waited in the car with Coco, but when I came back, it was like he hadn’t seen me in so long haha

But not haha really because just being together is special for Coco, even if we’re not doing something that’s fun for him.


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14 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Recreation”

  1. Isn’t it funny how dogs love Home Depot? My hubby takes both when he goes (once in a while). I have always felt that even running errands can be recreational, since it’s not obligated work time and can be fun, as you conveyed nicely in this post, Aixa! Love the looks of that sandwich!

    1. That’s true about running errands. Just getting out of the house is nice. The sandwich was another quick preparation that was delcicious because of the ingredients. Good bread makes a big difference too.

  2. Absolutely precious. I have a picture of my husky pup riding in the cart at the pet store 😁 Coco has an adorable face! He just screams come pet me!

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