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How Does NYC’s Mayor Fit Into A Travel Blog? Easy!

This New Year’s Day we woke up bright and early to drive down to NYC City Hall for Bill De Blasio’s inauguration for his second term as Mayor. We were invited to attend this outdoor ceremony and, despite the extreme 13-degree F (-10 Celsius) weather, we went!

So how does a local mayoral inauguration fit into a travel blog?

I think the photo below will begin to tell the story…

Mayor De Blasio with First Lady Chirlane in front, and their two children to the left (This is not my photo, but is under the Creavie Commons license)

I’m not here to convince you who to vote for (unless you want me to 😉). I love breaking stereotypes, which is why I enjoy meeting people as I travel around the world.

Life Lessons

I once had a boss who disliked Hispanics (I’m Hispanic). For some reason, life decided to teach her a lesson: Her daughter (a school teacher) fell in love and married a Hispanic man who worked in the school’s kitchen. My ex-boss now has mixed-race grandchildren and loves them very much.

Here are some facts about NYC:
  • New Yorkers speak over 800 different languages
  • 40% of the city’s population was born outside the U.S.
  • NYC schools close for Christian, Muslim and Jewish holidays, as well as for Lunar (Chinese) New Year

The prophet Mohammad said, Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you’ve travelled 😉👍

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