Growth: Weekly Photo Challenge

This is my lavender, but my basil plant is growing to my left on my balcony, This variety is from seeds I brought from my native Venezuela. but the big surprise came a month later…..

albahaca En El Jardín
I discovered that my basil plant sprouted in the garden five floors below. One night, I went down to harvest my crop 😃🙌

Almuerzo De Verano 2
We enjoyed fresh caprese salad throughout the summer 😋 (My mom is in the foreground)

Pesto Albahaca Fresca
And my homemade pesto 🌿


Aixa’s Reading Recommendation 😉

Is NYC Street Food Sanitary???

14 thoughts on “Growth: Weekly Photo Challenge”

    1. It was delicious and simple to prepare:

      Basil Pesto recipe

      – 2 cups of Basil leaves
      – 1 cup of Parmesan cheese
      – 1/2 cup of pine nuts
      – 1/2 cup of Virgen olive oil
      – Salt and pepper to your liking

      1. Dry the leaves well
      2. In the food processor, add the ingredients and blend
      3. When it’s all mixed, add te olive oil
      4. When it’s creamy, put it in a sterile glass jar
      5. Add more olive oil so the leaves don’t turn brown

      Let me know how it turns out.

  1. Those are some hardy basil seeds! I could never get basil to grow as healthy as that, and it certainly never traveled to a neighboring garden! (Now I’m craving some pesto on this snowy day.)

    1. The storm is much stronger than I was expecting ❄️❄️😛❄️ A nice day to stay in and enjoy something tasty

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