Grand Central Facts & History Audio Tour: Definitely Worth The $2 In-app Purchase

If you’ve been to New York, you’ve surely walked through the spectacular Grand Central Terminal. We’ve been here hundreds of times, but until we downloaded Atlantis Audio Tours and paid the $2 in-app purchase, we didn’t know what we were missing!

The self-guided walking tour takes you to 17 points both inside and out, revealing the little known details about this busy railroad terminal.

With all the interesting shops and the hustle & bustle of the 750,000 daily commuters who pass you by, it’s easy to love Grand Central, but the facts and history give you an unforgettable appreciation. A lot has happened since this beautiful Beaux Arts structure opened in 1913!

New York City sightseeing will never be the same

Atlantis Audio Tour will show you all around Grand Central, and tell you the secrets that even we New Yorkers don’t know!

One fact we learned: When you walk toward Oyster bar, you’ll see people standing in opposing corners, whispering into the wall. Why? No matter how busy Grand Central is at that moment, they can hear each other’s voices diagonally across the large passageway!

Do you want more facts?

It will cost you the in-app purchase. $2 gets you 17 points both inside and out, revealing the little known details about this busy railroad terminal.

Plenty of facts and history in the Atlantis self-guided audio tour

The app says you will need 1-2 hours to complete the tour. This is just one of nine New York City self-guided audio tours they offer.

Download it here:

Apple App Store or Google Play Store

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21 thoughts on “Grand Central Facts & History Audio Tour: Definitely Worth The $2 In-app Purchase”

    1. Now there are so many apps and some podcasts. They’re never as extensive as a guided tour, but they give you the flexibility to do the tour when you want.

      I couldn’t believe that we were able to hear each other, but the voices were very clear! Truly amazing!

    1. It was unbelievable that we could hear each other so clearly! My dog Coco, though, knows how cute he is 😉 Thank you, Nandita

  1. I love trains, and subway. Every time I visit a big city, I make sure I see as many subway stations as possible. Some of them are quite unique, like those in Paris and Moscow, rich in history and stories.

    1. I love the excitement in these big railroad stations, full of people rushing to get places. This one is for commuters. I’ve been to a few in Paris. Moscow must have been interesting.

  2. You’re right!! I DO love the reason everyone is whispering! I hope the audio app takes off in other cities too. What an awesome idea! We recently did something similar in our hometown of Fort Collins. It was a “scavenger hunt” on an app as well. We walked all over finding things and learning about history we knew nothing about. I’ve been to Grand Central a couple of times and if I’m ever there again I will definitely do this. Another great post, Aixa! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! The scavenger hunt app sounds like a fun way to discover the sight and history. There’s so much creativity going on.

      They have these audio tours in Washington D.C., New Orleans and London. They also have pay-what-you-wish walking tours. I’m going to try them when it warms up a little.

  3. Since we have Hyatt points, we stay by the one in Grand Central. Last time I was there I wanted to eat at the Oyster Bar but was too tired so I opened for a fast meal. Next time!

    Btw, your did you tour the station with your fur baby?

    1. I was there with my little dog in September. After that, we went to Times Square (a family friend from Venezuela was visiting) and so many tourists wanted to take their pictures with him 😂 He was an Instagram star the next day.

      When you go, definitely try talking into the corner. You will be amazed how well the other person will hear you.

      1. Wow! I wish my dog likes traveling. He’s an introvert but darn cute! 😊

        I will do that. I’ll have to make sure I’m not saying anything bad about the person lol!

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