Le Pain Quotidien: Affordable Gourmet Dining in the Heart of Manhattan

When our Insta-friends @cla_es (Mexico City) and @utterlyunladylike (private account) (Madrid) posted their meals from Le Pain Quotidien, highly recommending the restaurant Le Pain Quotidien, we knew we had to try it.

Le Pain Quotidien is a popular gourmet chain of restaurants around the world. There are 21 locations in NYC alone!

So what exactly makes Le Pain Quotidien gourmet?

Gourmet implies high quality, special presentation and high sophistication. It once implied exclusivity but from dining to craft beers to specialized coffee, it’s become accessible to many more of us.

My Meal (bottom of the embedded Instagram photo above):

Prosciutto, Ricotta & Fig tartine with apple, arugula and honey ($14.95)

My husband’s meal (top of the embedded Instagram photo above):

Grilled chicken & smoked mozzarella melt with arugula, tomato salsa and basil oil ($14.95)

A tartine is an open-faced sandwich. Here, they are served on organic whole-wheat bread.

The ingredients all go well together, creating a great taste, leaving you satisfied but not overly full.

Leave with fresh breath!

Affordable gourmet food at Le Pain Quotidien
FRESH BREATH: Mint iced tea with the mint leaves in the glass ($3.95). Chew the mint leaves: They’re a natural breath freshener

The Decor & Atmosphere

Le pain quotidien is French for the daily bread. The restaurant is always busy and somewhat noisy. The old wood floor creeks and the heavy wooden tables make you feel at ease. Alain Coumont, the founder, envisioned Le Pain Quotidien as a place for people to gather, talk and eat.

You can find all 21 NYC locations by tapping your map of choice:
Google Maps or Apple Maps

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20 thoughts on “Le Pain Quotidien: Affordable Gourmet Dining in the Heart of Manhattan”

    1. Thank you my friend. All these years I’ve walked past it but I didn’t go in until Insta-friends in other countries recommended it. I love social media!

  1. My hubby is a foodie! I love good food, too, but when I’m hungry, anything is good. Although we ate some wonderful food in Hilo, there were a couple of places that were bad. Guess you have to check it all out.

    1. Yes, it’s difficult to find a good place, even using Yelp or TripAdvisor. How did you find the places you ate at?

  2. There was a Pain in the lobby of a building I worked in. It was SO tempting! I remember getting hooked on some cheddar and ham sandwich concoction – too expensive for an everyday lunch but a nice treat.

  3. Looks delicious! Manhattan is probably too far away for me to go for lunch, but maybe I can recreate part of this meal 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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