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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

Hundreds of barrels of coffee from all over the world 😃☕️ From $7.99/pound to $100/pound! Fairway Market

Of course, my family is the most precious thing in my life. Next is coffee!

Breakfast is the most relaxing time of the day and I love my coffee in the morning.

What is the most expensive we ever tried?

Once we bought a half-pound of Panama Bouquet at $49.99/pound. It was very different, aromatic and thick. It wasn’t our favorite.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

What coffee is your favorite? Or do you prefer tea? Let me know in the comments…


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    • I know a lot of people prefer tea. I like it in the afternoon sometimes, but it’s not essential to me like morning coffee.

    • Choosing is difficult. I have an excellent sense of smell so that’s how I do it. There is always employee there who can tell you about the coffee, too. Some people just go by name or by country. It’s true, too much choice can be difficult.

    • I read about your time in Bali. It was a great post with some good tips Ill use when I visit. And now I know to try the Luwak coffee 😉👍

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