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Once when we had a house, we had 11 friends and family member visiting at the same time. We had to rent another SUV for the day so everyone would fit! I’ve had friends and family visit from Italy, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Arizona and Hawaii.


Times Square is always a lot of fun, always full of lights and video screens and live impromptu entertainment.

With Yuraima in Grand Central Market (2015)

At Grand Central Market you can buy gourmet breads, fish and meat, cheeses and pastries at high prices. It’s still fun to browse. You exit on the opposite end, right into Grand Central

With Ramon in Chelsea Market (2016).

Chelsea Market was converted from a factory into a shopping mall full of specialty shops, restaurants and bakeries. It was in this factory where the Oreo cookie was invented. We always bring people here since it has the best taqueria in NYC. The day we brought Ramon, the taqueria was opening a second location inside Chelsea Market, and we got free tacos and beers!


I can’t show you everything in NYC in this post, but my website is full of things to see and places to eat in this city. Here’s a suggestion if you want to learn more right now:

Grand Central Facts & History Audio Tour: Definitely Worth The $2 In-app Purchase

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    1. Thank you, Agness! I hope to have enough on the blog for a self-guided stay in NYC. Next week, I’ll have something special up…..

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