NYC Streetcars Are Making A Comeback!

I never thought about streetcars in New York until I saw the old one in front of the upscale Fairway Market in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The streetcar with the old factory behind it was a lot of fun to look at and lead to my most popular Instagram post at the time.

A post shared by Aixa (@muchospanish) on When we got home, my husband Googled it and saw the streetcar had been bought by Bob Diamond, a New Yorker who dreamt of restoring the streetcar service in Red Hook. The city, once having backed his project, suddenly backed out and the project died.

I wouldn’t have thought about New York streetcars again, except my husband saw streetcar rails in an open area of pavement by one of his job sites on the Brooklyn-Queens border. The streetcar went into service in 1899. It was replaced by a bus line in 1949. The old streetcar routes are now bus lines.

New York History

Streetcar from the NYC Transit Museum
The NYC Transit Museum is a great place to learn more about the streetcar (see my link at the end of this post)

In 1832, New York was the first city in the world to have streetcars on rails. Horses pulled them down the streets. Now, New York is planning a project to restore a streetcar line, stretching along the Queens-Brooklyn waterfront.

Are Streetcars Better Than Buses?

To sum up a wonderful article from The Verge:

😮 Streetcars are half the speed of city buses

😱 The investment is much higher. This one will cost $2.5 billion USD…

😃 People like streetcars so they’re expected to be popular… just like the NYC Ferry I’m always writing about. The streetcars are expected to raise the real estate values of the areas they serve.

Don’t expect to see any on your next trip to New York. They won’t be in operation until 2024 so don’t expect to see them anytime soon. Still, you may run across some tracks or even long-abandoned streetcar stations.

14 thoughts on “NYC Streetcars Are Making A Comeback!”

      1. I agree!👍 Infact, our good old MATA Street Cars are coming back to life in Memphis too! (Hopefully by summers this year!) Can’t wait!💕

      2. That will be nice. When I was researching my post, I saw that several cities in the U.S. are bringing back streetcars 👍

    1. Thank you, Agness. The whole area around Fairway Market is a lot of fun, plus you’ll get great views of the Statue of Liberty! Take the ferry there. I have another post about the Ferry.

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