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Before heading to Mexico, I contacted Paulina Abascal, my favorite television pastry chef, based in the suburbs of Mexico City. (I doubt you’ve heard of her. She’s on Spanish-language tv.) Paulina was very friendly and promised me a tour of her kitchen!

We found a taxi to bring us to Dulces Besos (Sweet Kisses), wait for us, and bring us back to our hotel.

Paulina wasn’t in the shop. We hadn’t agreed on a day/hour. But Paulina’s mom was there and followed through on the promise.

Paulina Abascal’s kitchen at Dulces Besos
All of the people working in the kitchen are interns from all over Latin America.

We were given as many samples as we wanted and the interns explained the processes of different preparing different sweets.


Finally, Paulina’s mom called her daughter and handed me the phone so we could talk.

This was a very exciting experience for me (as you can see from the first photo).

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17 thoughts on “WPC: Sweet”

    1. Yes, they gave us so many samples. Paulina’s mom gave us a box of sweets from the store, but I still ended up buying a few things. I still have two bars of vanilla and it’s the best vanilla I ever bought. It still has the aroma and the taste.

    1. Yes, very lucky. I tried getting in touch with another Mexican chef, Chef Oropeza, but I couldn’t find out how to reach him

    1. Yes, they really were. I’ve kept in touch with Paulina (a little) through Instagram but I don’t get the channel anymore so I can’t watch her show…

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