Is An Invaluable Sightseeing Tool looks like a thermal map, but the heat comes from the concentration of photos of an area. The thermal map is then overlaid on a Google map.

My examples, of course, are from NYC, the city I mostly write about. Sightmaps itself says it’s a sightseeing tool and has included several features to back this up.

Here are the features of

Here is what I like about

🙌 The “zoom” button lets you see the sight and the surround area and the “see more” button gives you a brief description.
Sightsmap has several buttons for sightseers (see the photo above).
🙌 Save a sight to have a list of places to visit!

🙌 Read a description of the sight with a Wikipedia button!

Here is what I don’t like about

😖 The only unfortunately part is that the website runs slow on my iPhone, iPad and Chromebook. Still, it gives me enough value to recommend it here. I will be using it for my next trip.

😮 The directions are given on the map, not in my GPS app…

I don’t understand how I ended up with this starting point…

😞 I’ve only had success with cities, not with less urban areas. I guess there aren’t enough photos to draw from…

😮 There’s no specialized app for the phone…

😕 I get the feeling that got off to a good start, and then they lost interest in it… is a lot of fun to use, despite its limitations. Try it in a city of your choice! Let me know how you like it. How do you plan for a trip? Let me know in the comments…

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    1. Yes, I’ve been using it a lot since I found it. Let me know if you give it a try. (Btw, I hope to take a photo inspired by you this weekend)

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