Hillary Clinton poolside

WPC: I’d Rather Be…

Hillary Clinton poolside
That day I was sure she was going to win…

I’d rather be… still reading about Hillary than reading about the current president…

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24 thoughts on “WPC: I’d Rather Be…”

  1. I don’t understand why people thing Hillary is just as bad as trump. Do they know her personally? She’s an exemplar for every woman out there! Btw, I have her books too and the last one my son lined up for hours to get her autograph and he gave me the book 😊

    1. I agree with you, Boots, but at this point, there’s no convincing anyone. People have their minds completely made up. The most disappointing part was how so many women voted for Trump.

      And I would love to have an autographed book! I’m so happy your son saw it was important and waited.

      1. So many white women. And my white progressive women friends have been very apologetic about them. Being in Texas I know so many of those white women who voted for him. Also Filipino women! Ughhhh

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