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Dona Mari’s in Michoacán, Mexico
Doña Mari’s restaurant in Michoacán, Mexico

My Favorite Place is the kitchen, but part of that is finding the right ingredients. I enjoy visiting different supermarkets and I love bringing home specialties from my travels.

Green market in Buenos Aires 🍅 #buenosaires #argentina #greenmarket #garlic

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Garlic in a green market in Buenos Aires


I took a private two-hour cooking class at Olive Anatolian Restaurant in Istanbul. After, Chef Hatice told me what to buy at the spice market. I brought so much home with me.

My home grown chiles 🌶

I also like growing my own ingredients. I’ve grown chile peppers and basil on my balcony in New York but my dream is to have my own herb garden one day, maybe in Mexico, Guatemala or Costa Rica.

Today it snowed in NYC and I prepared a hot chocolate we bought in Guatemala

Take A Look At My Surprise Basil Harvest 🌿

Growth: Weekly Photo Challenge

29 thoughts on “WPC: Favorite Place”

    1. You can’t bring back anything fresh, except cheese that’s packaged, but no fruit, no meat. We’ve brought back a lot of spices, dried fruit, teas, coffee, cured cheeses and canned salmon from France.

      From Chile we brought back a spice called merkén.

  1. Wonderful post Aixa! I agree, the freshness, flavor and aroma from the herbs of a home grown “herb garden” is unbeatable! Hopefully, you’ll be able to have one soon of your own! 🙂
    FYI – Loved the photos too! 🙂

  2. I love these photos of you! You look so happy, like you’re in your favorite place. My mom was an amazing cook and being in the kitchen was one of her most favorite things. Sadly, I did not inherit that love. I love the eating part, just not the preparation. I hope your herb garden dream will come true! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Julie. The tastes and aromas and experimentation are so interesting to me. I’ll have my herb garden when I move somewhere warmer.

  3. Oh, I hope this is okay: I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I have put you on my list of nominees. I will be posting it shortly. There is no real obligation for you to reciprocate (or rather, pay it forward) but I would certainly look forward to your responses – and to seeing your own list of nominees – should you choose to accept.

    1. Patti, thank you so much for this honor. I saw your answers and wow, they were great! I’ll try to answer the questions as soon as I can and I truly appreciate your adding me to your list of nominees!

  4. We grew carrots and potatoes in the garden last year, it was a success. Will try growing spices this year after reading this inspirational post. 😊

    1. I love everything about it, from the shopping to the creativity to the tastes and aromas 💕 Thanks, Lorelle

    1. We are the same that way! I love enjoy the tastes and aromas throughout the year. They really keep all the memories fresh.

  5. My favorite place too. When I think of my granny, I think about her in the kitchen, all the family around the table and on the couch, preparing food, cooking and sharing stories while eating. I miss that.

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