Ozgur, Chef Hatice and me in the kitchen of Restaurant Olive Anatolian

WPC: Smile

Ozgur, Chef Hatice and me in the kitchen of Restaurant Olive Anatolian
Sharing a smile with Chef Hatice and Ozgür

During our visit to Istanbul, I took a private 2-hour cooking class with Chef Hatice and Ozgür at Olive Anatolian restaurant. After the class, Dan and I went back to our hotel room, showered, and returned to the restaurant to eat the meal I had prepared.

Connecting with people is one of the main reasons to travel. It’s why I opened an Instagram account.

Cooking is an international language. My love of cooking gave us a lot to talk about. It was so much fun to learn the culinary similarities and differences. It was also so nice to share this time and Smile with Chef Hatice and Ozgür!


Once when I was in a restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela, I asked the waiter if the chef was Peruvian. The chef later came out to meet me, so surprised that I could tell by his cooking!

In Istanbul, connecting with people felt very challenging at first, even though Istanbul has always been the city where I’ve had the most Instagram followers!

My Instagram Followers by City

Chart showing Istanbul as the city where I have the most Instagram followers
Cities where I have the most Instagram followers
  1. Read about our experience with culture shock…
  2. Learn how we finally connected with people…
  3. See how my meal came out!

How To Survive Culture Shock: Our Week In Istanbul

I highly recommend Olive Anatolian restaurant for the great food and the breathtaking views of the Bosphorus River and the Hagia Sophia!

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      1. The blue bar graph in the post shows how I have 3x’s more from Istanbul than from NYC. I’m on Twitter but I don’t open it so much… I’ll look for you, though

    1. Thank you always, Richa! I started Instagram a little over a year ago and I was planning a trip to Istanbul, so I think once you find some people, you get connected to their circles…

  1. Turkey is on my must visit list ! ..2 of my closest friends are from instabul and I’m obsessed with their food. if I could, I would eat Turkish food every day! Haha 😍😍

    1. I love it so much, Zeina… the people, the culture, the history and all of the wonderful views of that amazing Bosporus 💕

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