WPC: Awakening (Renewal)

I remember September 11th very well. I was just across the river in Brooklyn on the way to my English class. The Towers had already fallen by the time I got downtown Brooklyn and people were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, arm in arm, crying and covered in white dust.

The April 11th-17th Weekly Photo Challenge is Awakening: This week, show us renewal.


My children, who were very young, were in school and it was difficult for me to get back home because the subway wasn’t running. My mom was home and someone invited several of us upstairs to use her phone. My husband left work to come and find me but he never did. I had found a ride close to where I live.

For years after, I remember whenever we were close by, looking at the huge hole in the earth as they began digging to build the new World Trade Center complex. Once, we brought my cousin and her husband, a marine who had served in Iraq, who started crying when he saw the site.


One World Trade is taller, stronger, better than the originals. It is exactly 1776 feet high to match the year the colonists declared Independence from England.


One World Trade is a complete experience, starting at the ground level. I won’t write about it because it will ruin the experience for those of you who might go one day, but you will even enjoy the elevator ride and especially the first view, which is presented so theatrically that everyone’s jaw drops at the sight!

The Twin Reflecting Pools Memorial

One of the two Twin Reflecting Pools at the World Trade Center

The Twin Reflecting Pools are located with the bases of each of the former towers. The names written around the walls of the pools list every person who died on September 11th. My friend’s husband worked in the towers back then. She was hysterical until he arrived home at 8 pm. It was his turn to get coffee for everyone that morning, and that’s why he wasn’t in the towers when the planes struck.

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17 thoughts on “WPC: Awakening (Renewal)”

  1. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be in the city that day. We visited the Reflecting Pools Memorial and I cried the whole time. I had no idea it would hit me like that. There was a man placing a flower on his daughter’s name. It was brutal! It was also emotional because in 1980 I had visited with my parents and we went to the top of one of the towers. My mom was terrified of heights and it was a big deal for her to go up with us. Such a emotional, special place.

    1. So many of us were affected in one way or another. Your mom faced her fears, like you do. It’s great that you shared that with her.

  2. Our son had a dentist appointment before work which saved his. So many stories, so many tragedies. The new tower is not as majestic to me as the twins but the memorial and the museum are fantastic. An excellent choice for the week Aixa

    1. Thank you, Tina, and thank you for sharing your own personal experience. I was at the museum when it was smaller and a few blocks away, but I’m planning on visiting the museum this spring.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Aixa. We went and saw the memorial a few years ago. It was heartbreaking, but what I took away with me were the stories of love and heroism from ordinary people that day.

    1. That is such a great way to see this! It’s very true, there were so many stories of bravery and generosity. Thank you for that beautiful comment.

  4. Truly we will never forget. I’m astounded to hear your account and so glad you shared your story. I can’t imagine the fear and bewilderment you must have felt. Beautiful photos of the symbol of the awakening of our nation.

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