¡Órale! Gourmet Taqueria Close To NYC

In the mood for Mexican food while in New Jersey, Yelp led us to Órale Mexican Kitchen. There were several taquerias with great reviews but the photos made Órale the first choice.

Note: if you are in Manhattan, Jersey City is a two-minute ride under the river on the PATH train ($2.75). It leaves from Oculus Center, by One World Trade.


We parked and passed another taqueria and thought, if Órale looks disappointing, we can check out this one, but right away we had a good feeling from the artwork on the restaurant facade. Inside the place was buzzing with activity. The restaurant walls are brick and filled with colorful and fun Mexican death-themed graffiti art.

The restaurant pays attention to detail along every wall and in every corner. Beautiful, sculptured melted wax.

I always like to wash my hands after touching the menu and before touching any food. These people didn’t forget any attention to detail in the bathroom.


The waiter brought us tortilla chips and guacamole, but also three of their own sauces, in bottles. Two were spicy (very!) and one not so much.


CrIspy Halibut, Maggi, Lime, Naked Guacamole, Chipotle Aioli, Corn Tortillas

I was very happy with the presentation of these beautiful crispy halibut tacos (with maggie, lime, guacamole and chipotle aioli) but these five savory, gourmet tacos cost $23! You won’t be dining here every day, but it’s a wonderful treat… sometimes… and it doesn’t lower my opinion of the restaurant. If you come on a Tuesday and are willing to pay in cash, they charge half price!

My husband ordered the carnitas tacos: Braised crisp pork belly, marinated red onions, salsa verde and cilantro, at $17! The place to save money would be the delicious desserts. They are expensive, too, but they are huge!

Órale Mexican Kitchen isn’t cheap, but it’s special. I can prepare an ordinary meal myself. I love to cook, though, so I always try to taste every ingredient used and then copy the recipe. I’ll be making the chipotle salsa and I’ll let you know how it comes out! 😉 But apart from that, I prefer to dine out less frequently but in better places.

The New Jersey tram (light rail) system connects several nearby New Jersey cities.

While you are in Jersey City, enjoy the stunning New York City skyline at the riverfront, just a 10-minute walk from Órale Mexican Kitchen. As you walk there, you’ll pass the tram (really, light rail) that connects several New Jersey towns. The difference between a tram and a light rail is the speed. You find trams within a city.


We will be going back, and probably soon. On the last Sunday of every month, you can enjoy mariachi music. Choose a favorite before you go (Qué Bonita Es Mi Tierra, Cuando Salga La Luna) and be ready to request it!

Are you prepared for the worst???

What would happen if your wallet and your phone were stolen while you were traveling?

34 thoughts on “¡Órale! Gourmet Taqueria Close To NYC”

    1. Thank you, Isabelle. The decorations helped make this a memorable experience. It’s wonderful to see such creativity!

    1. Very pricey, I know… but if I eat out, I like getting something special. I’d rather eat out less. Anyway, I love to cook and I always get ideas from a special restaurant.

      1. You have to love to cook. I can usually taste the ingredients and then I improvise the quantities.

  1. Looks delicious and love the photos!

    Wish I’d known about this place back when we stayed there in 2011…next time.

    I remember many Mexican restaurants in Miami when I was there in 2008.

    1. They were delicious. When I eat out, I like something special (if possible) or else I prefer to cook. (Shhh… I’m going to copy the recipe of the sauces…)

    1. Thank you, Terri. So many people commute into NYC from New Jersey every day for work since it’s so close. Jersey City has become pretty expensive, as you can tell by the price of these tacos!

  2. this places looks so good! I love artsy spots like this one! if im ever in Jersey city I’ll be sure to check this out! ..its a littly on the pricey side but its always good to treat yourelf once in a while specially when it comes to good food 🙂 ..looking forward to find out how ur chipotle salsa comes out!! 🙂

    1. Yes, pricey, and with $10 mojitos, the bill runs up fast, but I will still go back. Remember, Tuesdays are half price if you pay in cash!

    1. Teşekkürler! Finding this place was a wonderful surprise.

      Your website is beautiful but unfortunately it’s not in English… I did find you on Instagram, though. You have a beautiful gallery.

      1. Thank you 🙂 In fact you may find right slidebar a translator 🙂 or you may use Chrome translator.) ( Right click and translator) Thank you again follow me on instagram. Have a nice Journey (=

      2. I just found the translate button 😉👍 and followed your blog. I was in Istanbul last summer and I loved it so that’s where I’ll start reading…

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