The NYC skyline

Sunday Stills: Embrace (Plus, A Brief history of NYC That You Never Knew)

Welcome to Terri’s Photo Challenge: Sunday Stills! This weeks them is Embrace.

I embraced New York City, my home for the past 20 years! In this post I will tell you briefly an important story of NYC that you never knew!


At one time, New York City consisted only of Manhattan island. Brooklyn was its own city too, but it was much smaller than it is today. Queens was made of many separate towns.

The old railway tracks by the river

Ferries brought merchandise to the water fronts where the merchandise was transferred to trains.

So How And Why Did All Of The Towns And Cities Unite?

Brooklyn was incorporating many of the surrounding towns and growing fast. However, Chicago was growing very fast and was in a position of becoming the largest city in the United States. This meant that the largest corporations might move to Chicago, causing a collapse in New York City real estate prices.

The NYC skyline

The decision to incorporate into New York City was left to a vote by all of the surrounding towns and cities. The results were so close, but after millions of Brooklyn votes were counted, the yes vote won… by just 277! If Brooklyn hadn’t recently incorporated the neighboring towns of Bushwick and Williamsburg, the results would have been very different, since people in these two towns voted overwhelmingly in favor of becoming part of NYC. Some people stilll call this The Great Mistake of 1898! Only the town of Yonkers voted no, and it remains its own town, just north of the Bronx.

We went to the Long Island City waterfront on Friday night to take photos for this post 😉 Of course, Long Island City was its own city, although it’s now part of Queens.

The Bowery Boys do a fun podcast about New York City, full of interesting facts and highly entertaining stories!

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    1. OMG That is the best compliment 🤗 I went on Friday night and took them. It was a perfect night for photos and I was also trying out a new camera filter for my phone 📱

    1. I hope you enjoy it! If you need ideas, I have a lot of suggestions on my blog but really, there’s no problem finding things about NYC 😉

  1. I didn’t know the history of creating NYC, and I think I understand the competition between New York City and Chicago better now. Amazing photos 👌👏

  2. I really enjoy your amazing photos. Growing up I had a penpal from Venezuela. I met my friend, her name was Deborah, when she visited Sweden my home country on vacation with her parents. We wrote physical letters almost every week. I had to use the dictionary every other word, because she only knew Spanish, and my Spanish was very limited. I did however struggle writing to her in Spanish for several years, until I moved away from home, nine years later.

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