Sunday Stills: Furry Friends & Future (2-in-1)

I have had a two week blogging break but I’m hoping I am back to blogging now (and reading my friends’ blogs) with a combined “Furry friends” and “Future” post!

I am always busy but I’ve been very distracted Instagram and by my dog Coco’s back left leg. I was walking him one day and all of a sudden he barked and then sat on the sidewalk. I had to carry him home.

I thoroughly checked his paw, thinking something got stuck in it, but I couldn’t find anything. The next day, our vet told us he tore the ligaments in his knee and would require surgery.

We had noticed that he would fall once in a while, but with all the running around, we didn’t think it was anything serious. I guess we weren’t paying enough attention.

I changed his diet to a vegetarian diet, full of sweet potatoes to ease the swelling. His leg isn’t perfect, so he still limps and falls sometimes, but he’s walking a lot and even runs sometimes. He’s so full of energy. Fortunately we never allowed him to become overweight, which would have put a lot more stress on his fragile legs.

He walked for an hour this night

Was the vet wrong that he needed surgery? I don’t know. Only time will tell…

Some of us are full of optimism for what the future holds and others are full of pessimism. Some people live for the weekends and others are waiting for retirement… but we don’t know what’s ahead for us, even just five minutes ahead. Coco’s problem came suddenly. The time to find happiness is now. Of course this wasn’t my grand awakening and I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before. It’s just another reminder with an example attached.

So hopefully I can get my interest back into blogging and I promise to catch up on everyone’s posts.)

And I hope you participate in the Sunday Stills Challenge!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Furry Friends & Future (2-in-1)”

  1. Your message hits home very hard for me. Thank you for sharing it, I could not agree more. Lots of love to you and your little bundle of fur. Fingers crossed Coco is okay, and the vet doesn’t know what they are talking about!! I LOVE DOGS. Coco looks like a little sweetheart. Savour every moment! 🤗

  2. Aww.. Lots of love and healing prayers for Coco. I completely agree to your point that “no one knows what the future holds” .. Also, awesome photos of sweetest Coco! (PS – multiple opinions are always preferred when it comes to a pet – unless you have a known vet who wont want to make money out of it!)
    I am so glad that you are back – here’s wishing you all the luck Aixa!❤

  3. Glad you are back, Aixa (although it was hard to tell you were really on a break because I see you on IG frequently)! Love how you combined fur and future–you made it work and wrote a wonderful post to boot! Hope Coco is doing better, dogs show little pain, so it’s hard to tell there is something wrong…they don’t want to disappoint us!

  4. Aixa,

    I hope Coco is doing better. I have heard that Vegan/Vegetarian options for dogs can heal this kind of problem and also maintain a dog healthy, so I am happy you turned him over to a vegetarian diet. You should expect a vet to always want surgery done, but there are other. more natural forms, of healing.

    All the best!

  5. I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve missed you. I hope Coco is okay. He is a sweetie and such a good sport with photo shoots! You know that I totally agree with you that the time for happiness is NOW! xoxo

  6. Hoping Coco is recovering. In our experience vets are very quick to suggest surgery when sometimes rest is all that is needed. I agree we should aim for happiness now. All the best with you getting your interest back and Coco’s return to running around.

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