A Romantic Getaway With A Warning Label

Saugerties Lighthouse-turned-hotel is a romantic getaway, depending on your notion of romance. Once the tide rises, there’s no turning back. The tide washes out the path to the hotel. You are there for the night. You’ll be lucky to have a bar or two of cell signal. What could be more romantic?!

There are two rooms at the inn so you won’t be completely alone. There’s also a shared bathroom, killing some more of the magic. But the lighthouse beacon tower is yours to gaze at the river below and the stars above!

This view could easily convince you that your Saugerties stay would be a romantic escape

Saugerties, NY, is located two-hours north of midtown Manhattan. Jimmy Fallon is from Saugerties, but there’s not much to see in this tiny Hudson Valley town. A N.Y State-style romantic escape!

In the late 19th century, Saugerties Lighthouse signaled ships on New York’s Hudson River, letting them know the town’s harbor was here.

Mrs. Schoonmaker was the first female lighthouse keeper here in 1846! She took over for her sick husband and cared for him and for her sick 9-year-old child. They both died later that same year. Mrs. Schoonmaker was left penniless and with a lot of unpaid medical bills. She continued as lighthouse keeper and eventually paid off all her debt!

The walk is romantic in that you’re all alone, just the two of you
The tall grass in July along the trail to Saugerties Lighthouse hotel.

At daybreak, you’ll wake up with the sun. In the warmer weather, you’ll have breakfast on the deck behind the lighthouse and it’s truly beautiful!

Dan is sitting on the deck behind the lighthouse with our dog Coco on our day trip here
There’s a separate tiny island where you can eat or just relax. Btw, my husband almost never wants to appear in a photo

Before going sightseeing in town, check to see at what hour the high tide will prevent you from returning to the hotel.

On my Instagram post, one person couldn’t believe the hotel would let you be stranded away from your room. He thought there must be a boat. There isn’t.

The hotel suggests you pack your belongings in a small backpack. My Insta-friend shouldn’t feel bad for expecting a boat. I did too, and so did some other people we found along the trail.

Since the trail floods twice a day, you never really know what you’ll find on the path. The soggy terrain has caused several big trees along the path to fall over and you see the bottom of the trees like a wall as you pass by.

Is this still sounding like your idyllic romantic escape?

Facts About The Hudson River

I told you this is a river. It’s the Hudson River, but it has tides twice a day. That’s because it’s not exactly a river. It’s a 153-mile estuary with currents in two directions and contains both salt and fresh water.

Things To Do

So you already know you will be at the hotel between sunset and sunrise, and maybe during the day, depending on the tides. That’s why the lighthouse recommends you bring fishing tackle, swim wear, books, knitting… anything to stay occupied. They tell you to bring your favorite snacks and beverages, too.

So You Still Want To Spend A Night At Saugerties?

You will have to book far in advance. The hotel has just two rooms and one shared bathroom, and it’s difficult to book. They recommend you get on an availability email list. When I checked at the end of July, the earliest reservation was for January 3rd. Here you go: www.saugertieslighthouse.com

Sound Like Too Much?

You can visit for just a couple of hours. Bring your lunch so you can eat on the deck. If you want to go up the lighthouse tower, email the innkeeper in advance. The visit is free, but there’s a suggested $5 contribution ($3 for children).

We Love the Hudson Valley! It’s a beautiful area but winter is very cold. That’s why we never moved here. But we do have another interesting Hudson Valley story to tell… See below!


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