NYC & The New Age of Bicycle Power

Instantly-recognizable blue bicycles are all over the city. They all have the Citibank logo on them, since Citibank runs the rent-a-bike program. Find one, take one and return it anywhere the bicycles are stationed in the city. The best part is the affordable pricing:

How Much Does This Cost?

Day Pass: $12 with unlimited 30-minute rides in a 24-hour period

3-Day Pass: $24 with unlimited 30-minute rides in a 72-hour period

Annual Membership: $163/year with unlimited 45-minute rides.

Actually, New York is a latecomer to bike sharing. A bike sharing program actually began in 1965. Paris’ program began in 2007.

In 2007 in NYC, the idea wouldn’t have been possible. My husband, a native New Yorker, remembers the days of bicycle messengers swerving in and out of traffic. Now the wide avenues have been given dedicated bicycle lanes, and so the Citi Bike program could finally launch in 2013.


Take a look at the station map from a web browser with this link, or better, download the app on your phone so you can easily find the station with your GPS. The station map will show you how many bicycles are available at each location.


If you would just like to sightsee but aren’t sure where to ride, Citibike has a list of suggested routes. If you plan ahead, this could be a good way to mix a ride with a must-see sightseeing route.

Read more about it here: If you do decide to try this out, make sure to download the app to your phone so you can make an easy and secure payment: Google Play Store | Apple App Store

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Dining At Gourmet Supermarkets In NYC & The World

Eating out on long trips is expensive and, if you choose fast food, it’s unhealthy. Sure there’s a wide selection of AirBnB’s with kitchens, but who wants to cook and clean on vacation?

Gourmet food certainly sounds expensive, but take a look at the growing list of gourmet supermarkets, many with in-store seating, for just the right combination of healthy and affordable 😉👍

Gourmet supermarkets are healthy, affordable dining
This is just one of many sections at Whole Foods, across the street from Bryant Park.

Fortunately for travelers to NYC (and many other cities around the world), the list of gourmet supermarkets with dining areas, like Fairway Market and Dean & Deluca, and Eataly is growing fast. The first Eataly Gourmet Italian supermarket we ever visited was in Istanbul!

Gourmet supermarkets in-store dining
This Whole Foods Supermarket gives diners a beautiful view of Bryant Park. Although not shown in the photo, there is table seating, too.

Find the nearest gourmet supermarket to your current Manhattan location 🗺  :

Whole Foods Market with in-store dining: Google Maps – or – Apple Maps

Eataly Italian Supermarket with in-store dining 🏆 Aixa’s recommendation (but restaurant prices if you get table service): Google Maps – or – Apple Maps

Green Apple Gourmet Market (great food to go): Google Maps – or – Apple Maps

Balducci’s Gourmet On The Go (great food to go): Google Maps – or – Apple Maps

Dean & Deluca (great food to go): Google Maps – or – Apple Maps

Eataly is an Italian gourmet supermarket with several sections for in-store eating, and even a section with table service and a bar!

Rotisserie chicken and prime rib at Eataly 😋


☝️Did you know there are Dean & Delucas in Singapore, Japan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Thailand, Macau and (soon) London?

Gourmet pizza, of course 🍕
☝️ You will find Eataly Italian in Istanbul, Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Monaco, Tokyo, Seoul and Sao Paolo as well as through Italy?


☝️Of course, all major cities have gourmet supermarkets where travellers can skip a restaurant and buy prepared food. The trick is to find them.

Two questions for you: How do you find places to eat when you’re away from home? Do you have any gourmet supermarkets where you live? Let me know in the comments.

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